The Dad Box by Mama's Box - Perfect Dad Gift

AED 249.00

Dads can sometimes feel left out and forgotten. To welcome new dads to fatherhood as a birthday gift and Father's Day gift remind the dads in our lives that they are loved, we have created The Dad Box. The Dad Box is a thoughtful and perfect gift to show dads that they are special and appreciated.

What's in the box?

Dad T-Shirt - with an apt quote for your Dad: "Dad. The Man. The Myth. The Legend.”;

Home Slippers - a handy pair of home slippers letting everyone know your Dad is the best Dad;

Signature Mug - a dad mug granting "The Best Dad" title;

Picture Frame - a frame letting your Dad know you love him that can be used to place a family photo.

The gift is well packed in a box sweetly labelled "The Dad's Box”.

This gift box is a best-seller among dads. Perfect for father’s day.

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