MommyLine 2 in 1 Pregnancy Seat Belt - For more safety and comfort during car trips

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Travelling with a baby bump? Of course!

If you are driving, safety rules still apply: please buckle up - but in the right way! During pregnancy, the normal three-point seat belt stretches uncomfortably across the belly and the unborn child. And if the car makes a sudden stop, or if there is an accident, the lower part of the safety belt should run along the pelvis and not over your belly. The MommyLine 2in1 pregnancy seat belt ensures that the belt is positioned correctly and does not slip, thereby offering improved safety for the unborn baby and more comfort for pregnant mothers when travelling by car.

For more safety and comfort during car trips

The MommyLine 2in1 pregnancy seat belt comprises a flat cushion and slings attached to it that pull the safety belt downwards. This way, the slings ensure an optimal position and keep the pelvis belt comfortably under the baby belly.
Thanks to the extra-large breathable seating surface, it offers much comfort and can be used from the very beginning of pregnancy.

Flexible for use also with skirts and dresses

Thanks to its 3 slings, the pregnancy belt by Reer can be used comfortably with trousers and skirts. Thanks to the two side-slings, even long skirts and maxi-dresses do not need to be adjusted upwards.

Easy installation

Installation is very easy and flexible: put the product on the seat, buckle the size-adjustable belt over the back rest, and it is ready to be used! The MommyLine 2in1 pregnancy seat belt fits driver and front passenger seats in all automobiles.

  • Perfect belt adjustment: comfortable positioning of the lap strap below the baby belly
  • Increased safety and comfort while driving
  • Easy installation and use
  • 2 in 1 - flexible application: can be worn both with skirts and trousers
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