Hottea Mama Night Owl - Natural sleep aid herbal

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Voted Best Maternity Product 2019 by UK Baby Awards. Maternity Tea for Pregnant & Sleep Deprived Mothers

For all the late nights, early mornings and broken sleeps…this caffeine-free maternity tea blend of calming herbs will help ease you into the land of nod.

A carefully balanced blend of herbal ingredients renowned for calming the body and soothing the soul.

Each pack contains 15 whole leaf, biodegradable tea pyramids.
They can be used to make 30 cups of tea or more.

When your night and days blur into one, allow our delicious maternity tea blend of chamomile flowers, rooibos, valerian root, lavender and lime flowers to help break it up into lovely moments. All ingredients chosen for their calming, sleep-inducing properties.

Perfect to ease pregnancy insomnia. A soothing nudge into sleep for new Mums who are up breastfeeding at all hours. Ideal for all busy women who need help drifting off to sleep.


Caffeine free herbal tea for sleep and calm when pregnant and nursing. Chamomile flowers, valerian root, lavender and lime flower all have muscle relaxant properties.


Delicate and balanced – the lightness of chamomile with a lavender undertone

The blend was carefully designed to contain enough Valerian Root to help relax you, but not have too overtly ‘woody’ a taste. Likewise, the percentage of the lavender was carefully chosen to ensure it isn’t overpowering, but lifts the blend.

Lime flowers are also known as linden flowers and give this blend a sweet aroma which pairs perfectly with it’s chamomile base.

Rooibos adds a touch of Seville Orange sweetness.

HotTea Mama doesn’t recommend adding milk or sugar, but follow your cravings and personal taste!


Herbal Infusion


HotTea Mama doesn’t recommend adding milk, but follow your cravings as required!

As each bag contains whole leaves, flowers and fruit pieces, don’t throw it away after one brew. Add water to each bag at least twice to get the most out of the botanicals.


Valerian root
Lime flower


15 whole leaf, biodegradable tea pyramids
Each pack contains 15 tea pyramids that can be used to make 30 cups of tea, or more.

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