3rd Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box by Mama’s Box – Preparing for the baby’s arrival

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The 3rd pregnancy trimester is finally here and the countdown to meet your baby is on! Preparing the new baby’s arrival is so special but by the end of pregnancy mamas also experience a mix of excitement, joy, fear, tiredness and discomfort. That is why we created the 3rd trimester gift box, that includes a selection of 6 products focusing on Mama’s comfort and wellbeing, helping her feel more comfortable, relaxed and prepared for delivery. Are you looking to spoil an expecting mom in her 3rd trimester? This is the perfect pregnancy gift box to help her feel at ease and show your care. Beautifully packed in our premium box, for sure a gift she will appreciate!

This Pregnancy Essentials box is suitable for a mom-to-be in her 3rd trimester and can be used throughout pregnancy and beyond.

What's in the box?

Maternity Comfort Superbra by Fertile Mind - designed for complete comfort, this wireless bra made of super stretchy and soft fabric has no clips of fasteners, offering great support throughout pregnancy and after delivery.

Final Push Pregnancy Tea by Hottea Mama – award winning caffeine-free tea with Raspberry leaves, specially created to help prepare the body for labor. Recommended for pregnant women in their third trimester and for a faster recovering after delivery;

Signature Mug – featuring “I love you Mama” the perfect message to support Mama at this stage;

Leg & Foot Creme by Essie Spa – to help with swollen legs and feet this is the perfect indulgence crème for a massage! Hydrates the skin and provides nourishing moisture and conditioning benefits with a relaxing sensation of comfort;

Mama Relax Oil by Erbaviva - premium soothing organic massage oil with calming essential oils of roman chamomile, geranium, and lavender, assists in bringing relaxation to both tired minds and sore muscles.

Baby Onesie – made of 100% cotton the Mama’s Box exclusive “I Love You Mama” onesie is a super cute newborn outfit that will make Mama feel loved!

Includes educational notes and a letter from baby to mama!

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