2nd Trimester Pregnancy Gift Box by Mama’s Box – Make mama smile and feel loved

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Welcome to the “honeymoon stage” of pregnancy! In the 2nd Trimester, for most moms-to-be energy levels start to rise, mama feels baby’s first kicks and can discover the baby’s gender. How exciting!!! Make the most of this feel-good period of your pregnancy by taking extra care of yourself and your bump!

To help Mama relax and enjoy this wonderful stage, we created the 2nd Trimester Gift Box with a selection of 6 useful and essential products. The perfect gift for your favorite Mama to be, to pamper her throughout her pregnancy. Beautifully packed in our premium box is the perfect way to show your support and care that will make her smile and feel loved! 

These Pregnancy Essentials are suitable for a mom-to-be in her 2nd trimester and can be used throughout pregnancy.

What's in the box?

Bando by Fertile Mind – unique multifunctional band, provides comfort and support to the growing bump and lower back during pregnancy. Its breathable and stretchy fabric is great for layering under tops and over jeans helping extend your maternity wardrobe and can also be used as a tube bra.

Get up & Glow Pregnancy Tea by Hottea Mama – caffeine-free tea, perfect for when mama needs a boost, but caffeine is off the menu. A zingy fruit infusion tea for pregnancy glow;

Signature mug - a lovely ceramic mama mug featuring “I Love you Mama”;

Palmer’s Body Wash for Stretch Marks - mama will love adding this body wash to her pregnancy skincare routine. With balanced PH, pure cocoa butter, collagen, elastin, it soothes itchy skin, moisturizes and increases skin elasticity.

Maternity T-shirt – adorable, super soft and stretchy too, customized to baby’s gender or neutral this maternity t-shirt is a delight for every mom-to-be

Anti-skid Socks by Reer MommyLinefor that extra comfort and safety at home, the anti-skid sole socks prevent slipping and falls not only during pregnancy but also after when  carrying the baby around.

Includes educational notes and a letter from baby to mama!

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