I think the words ‘special time’ just don’t do it justice. That period from the time you discover you are pregnant until the time your once tiny baby turns into an independent toddler are beyond special.

The rollercoaster of emotions, the happiness and sadness (sometimes in the same minute), the sleepless nights, the breathtaking smiles, the first heartbeat to the first step… there are no words to describe this time. Being a mom of two very young children myself (an 18 months old boy and a 6 months old girl – yes they are only a year apart) I found myself overwhelmed with the hundreds of product options on the market and the constant advice (sometimes even contradictory) from well meaning friends, family and even strangers.

Well it didn’t stop there…

Once I got the first set of questions covered a whole new set popped up the next month! Having had quit my job – I had some time to sit and research different products and brands but it’s always different when you actually try the products! This often meant I was buying five different stretch mark creams and four different breastfeeding covers (spending way too much money) before discovering which I actually needed.

Nine beautiful months passed and our gorgeous son was born – along with breastfeeding, diaper changing, sleepless nights (and being pregnant again) I had to worry about finding the right diaper rash cream, massage oil, about which toys to buy when, what feeding equipment do I need and the list goes on.

Because I no longer had the flexibility to just go to the mall and see what products are there, I often found out a certain product existed only AFTER I didn’t need it anymore!

I found myself wishing there was someone who can tell me what I might need each month and maybe even allow me to try it. I don’t mean a generic list found on the internet but a more customized list catered to my exact pregnancy stage or my baby’s age. Needless to say – that’s how Mama’s box came into being!

We want to be able to help new moms and moms to be enjoy this incredible journey even more, by sending to your door step carefully handpicked goodies and essentials that you, your bump and your baby are guaranteed to love.

Much love,

Chirin Xx