Congratulations! You are having a baby in Dubai!? Wow…Isn’t it so exciting to prepare your little one’s arrival? I know – it can be insanely overwhelming as there are so many things to do, a million items to choose from and so many things you want to get and do before your baby is here. Let’s see…let’s cross of items from the checklist:

  • Doctor in the UAE? Check!
  • Name? We have our top 3 but are waiting to see the baby’s face to decide!
  • Crib? Check!
  • Stroller? We took some time to choose with all the options but – check!
  • Delivery playlist? Just adding some tunes to it still.
  • Birth Photographer? WHAAAAAT? A Birth photographer? As in photos of the actual labor and delivery?

Yes. You read that correctly and keep reading if you want to know why people would even think of hiring a birth photographer in the UAE and why even you may consider it by the end of this..


Wedding day, Graduation day, Engagement party, Gender reveal, a baby’s first birthday…We tend to document every big day of our lives. However, none of those are as transformative and emotionally rich as giving birth to your child. None. And let me tell you – any and every birth is a whirlwind! Whether your birth goes according to plan or needs to have some last-minute tweaks applied to it to get baby safely in your arms, whether it is quick, long, difficult, easy, a vaginal or belly birth most of us only have little recollection of specific moments of the event.


I personally was enthralled by all the stages of pregnancy – knowing week by week what was happening to that baby in my belly - and was so excited for the birth! I had seen a few shots and a video that my sister’s husband had managed to take of her birth and found these to be really breath-taking, so I started thinking of documenting my own daughter’s birth and relying on my amazing husband to take a few shots because – honestly – who wants a stranger in the room taking photos of my private parts in the most intimate moment of my life!? Imagine the photos of me pushing a human being who’s head is the size of a coconut out of “down there”…my face will look terrible, and whatever happens down there….ugh…I don’t even want to think about it! No thank you! And that, in someone else’s hand? Nope!


So D-day for us came early: at 34 weeks my water broke, and I was told that my daughter was on her way that very day which - obviously - was a big surprise! I had a natural birth that went relatively quick and as I was sitting in the hospital bed, alone, trying to process what “just happened” I realized that I already did not really remember much.  Bringing a baby into this world is so intense in emotions that we tend to forget very quickly what has just happened. My husband came back to the room after having spent an hour with our baby at the NICU and showed me some of the images he had managed to capture in haste during the birth. I was so happy he had managed to get a couple of shots during this momentous occasion, but my heart also sank to see that I had only just a couple of blurry shots to document this incredible event of our lives.  Soon after bringing our daughter home I began following a couple of Birth Photographers on Instagram and very quickly fell in love with the stories that were told through this type of Photography. I realized that Photographers manage to capture beautiful shots…that the “gory parts” can be cropped or edited to not look as raw. I also learned that the images that we see are images of moms who gave consent to share! Phew!

Thus, when I found out I was pregnant with my second daughter, Romy, I immediately decided to hire a photographer to capture the birth “properly” this time. (Yes – I had changed my mind about the stranger being there because at the end of the day – all the nurses and other hospital staff that walk in and out are also strangers!). Little Romy came on her due date and all progressed quite smoothly. I sent a text message to the birth photographer as soon as we were headed to the hospital to let her know but the birth ended up being very quick so unfortunately the Photographer was not able to make it on time. 

Since bringing my two little girls to the world at that point, my interest in Birth Photography continued to grow to become my passion and eventually my job. I believe women should have the opportunity to relive this momentous and powerful experience.

Birth Photography...

Allows mums and dads to remember the small and big moments of this life changing event: the intensity on mums face as she labors (this can be really beautiful!), the pride and love your husband shows as you amaze him with your strength, the love in that room when baby is finally here…and the first snuggles and kisses between you and your baby. Capturing those moments for families is simply priceless! Some mums have said that it has even helped them deal with Births that had not gone according to plan. It helps to understand what happened to them and sometimes allows them to find joy in some small details.


The day you give birth to your child is one you never want to forget. Just like your wedding day. Reliving that miraculous experience is so powerful and having someone there to capture the whole story can ensure that you and your partner only need to focus on loving you and that little baby! 

 So let’s get back to the Pregnancy checklist: Birth Photographer…Check! 

Oh and P.S. It’s my job to cater to your desires so if you don’t want to see crowning shots taken from “down there” I can manage that. Or if blood makes you feel queasy there is a solution for that: Black and white photos! And will I ever share your photos? NEVER without your consent! I am here to make you happy and offer you images of the most memorable day of your life!

P.P.S If you don’t want to have a stranger there…reach out and let’s have coffee first so you can see that you’ll feel OK with having me around!

P.P.P.S If you are a Mama’s Box customer tell me so you get a 10% discount on all packages!

Written by Julie Horekens


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