by Chirin Khawatmi on March 24, 2019

A mother to already 3 gorgeous children, my youngest being 8, we decided to add another to our crew. I felt like I was a first-time mama all over. Everything I thought I knew was now obsolete. So many new things on the market, what I needed, what was the "in" thing, I did not know where to start. From what I needed for my little bun cooking, to what to pack in my hospital bag. IT WAS DAUNTING!

Everyone was willing to offer their expertise. Buy this, you need that... the ideas spun me all over the place. I wanted to be the best, wanted everything of the best, but then I stopped to think...what did I really use with my other three? They turned out okay so I must have done something right. After having three before I decided to use life lessons to guide me. "Be smart", I told myself and learn from your prior experiences.

Yes, it is great to seek advice from others, but what works for others does not always necessarily work for you. So I listened, I remembered, and I did my research. Do I really need that expensive stroller or is it just a "want”? Wants are great, we all have desires, but practicality is vital. I listened to family and friends, looked at influencers insta stories and found the three things that I have listed as SMART items that are must-haves in my book.

I was handed down a beautiful Stokke pram. Gorgeous yes, but was it practical for me, no. Having a family of six now, the size of the Stokke was not the ideal pram for me. Sure it works for many. I had to purchase a pram that would fit into my scenario. So I looked and looked. So many options are out there that leaves you feeling more confused than ever. I had to think long term, what would last until Baby Lee was at least 4.I came across the Babyzen Yoyo. It ticked all the boxes. Bingo! I made a SMART decision.

Mama's Box was another great choice I made. Left feeling overwhelmed with the thought of having a baby and what I needed gave me so much of anxiety. I came across a subscription called mama's box which sends you a monthly box custom built to cater for yours and baby's needs for that month. It was the best investment I made as it saved me tons of money while assisting me in ensuring I had what I needed. Items that I would not have even considered were sent to me and were absolutely loved! Money well spent.

The third item that has been a life changing experience for me is the Haakaa breast pump. I have never come across a more SMARTER piece than this! It's a manual breast pump but does not require you to do anything. Just attach it and watch it do its magic. While feeding baby on one side, it collects the milk on the other side. I literally sit for hours expressing milk as I am a working mum and this was exhausting. After coming across this product, I had my reservations. How on earth will it collect milk when you don't have to do anything? It was available easily online at a terrific price which just added to my reservations. Admittedly, it's cheap so it can't be that good then? Wrong! It collected more milk than I ever did use my electric pump. Yes! 

A word of advice to all mamas, While it's great to follow the trends and buy whats in, make SMART choices. In the long run, not only does it save you tons of money, it is based on what you feel works for you. Everyone has an opinion, but my most significant life lesson learnt four times round is do what makes sense for you and your family.

Addicted to my baby


Written by Saaj

 Instagram: @baby_addict_


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