MommyLine Pregnancy Supportive Socks Cotton - Gentle everyday relief for pregnant women

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Gentle everyday relief for pregnant women

During pregnancy, a woman's body retains water. This often leads to excessive water in the tissues, creating swelling. Many women in their third trimester suffer from such water retention. It typically manifests itself in the legs and cause swollen ankles. With the special pregnancy supportive socks by Reer, you can support your tissues and veins. The support stockings apply gentle pressure to the legs, somewhat relieving your already overworked veins, and curbing the accumulation of water.

Significant relief and more vitality during pregnancy

With the special Lycra Leg-Care Technology®, a comfortable, even pressure is created; this way, the pregnancy supportive socks provide light and pleasant support, and noticeable relief during the day. Thanks to the light pressure, the socks promote blood circulation and prevent the accumulation of water.

Optimal support without pressure marks

The extra smooth texture and elastic band of these skin-friendly knee socks help avoid pressure marks. At the same time, the support socks offer optimal support without slipping. The supple socks made out of high-quality cotton fibre wick moisture away from the skin. This helps to prevent overheating. The MommyLine pregnancy cotton support socks are available in 2 sizes: 35-38/39-42.

  • Ideal for day wear during pregnancy
  • More vitality and energy thanks to LYCRA® LEG CARE technology
  • Perceivable relief throughout the whole day
  • Pleasant and comfortable wearing thanks to high cotton content
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