MommyLine Pregnancy Belly Cast Kit - A unique memory of a very special time

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A unique memory of a very special time

The pregnancy is a time in life which many women remember with pleasure. A particularly beautiful way to create memories is a plaster cast of the growing baby belly.
With the pregnancy belly cast kit from our MommyLine, you can capture the baby belly for an eternity and thus create a unique memento.

Extensive set for the perfect pregnancy belly cast

Besides 5 roles of plaster bandages, the cast kit additionally containts 6 acrylic paints for creating an individual cast. To apply the paint, the set includes 2 brushes and one mixing pallet. A tube of Vaseline is included in the scope of delivery, for an easy removal of the plaster cast from your baby belly. Thus, you have all necessary utensils together and can start the application right away.

Create a precious memory in no time

For an easy and exact application, simply cut the plaster bandages in the shape of the body. For example short bandages for the chest area. At first cream up the baby belly well with the enclosed Vaseline, to ensure a skin-friendly application. Then pull the plaster bandages through lukewarm water and place them on the body. After putting on the last bandage, leave everything to dry for approx. 15 minutes. Now gently lift the plaster cast from the baby belly and you're done.

Individually design the plaster cast of the baby belly

After the cast has dried completely, after approx. 72 hours, you can start with designing the "belly". You can choose between 6 acrylic paints in the colours white, green, red, yellow, blue and black. To mix the different colours together, you can use the enclosed mixing pallet.

  • Create an unique memory of your pregnancy
  • Skin-friendly materials for a gentle application
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Contents: 5 x plaster molds, 1 x vaseline, 2 x brushes, 6 x acrylic paints, 1 x mixing pallet for your individual piece of art
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