Reer Clip&Go Clutch Diaper Bag - Everything within easy reach - Mama's Box LLC
Reer Clip&Go Clutch Diaper Bag - Everything within easy reach - Mama's Box LLC
Reer Clip&Go Clutch Diaper Bag - Everything within easy reach - Mama's Box LLC
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Reer Clip&Go Clutch Diaper Bag - Everything within easy reach

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Well prepared for trips

To ensure your little darlings wellbeing on the go, you need a few important utensils. Nappies, wet wipes and bottles are just a few. To really have everything at hand whilst you're out and about, a well packed diaper bag essential.
Our Clip&Go Clutch diaper bag offers you extra space for everything you need whilst on a trip with your baby. This way, you not only have a stylish accessory but also a useful organizational talent for out and about.

Everything within easy reach thanks to smart inner compartments

The space-saving diaper bag offers, thanks to smart inner compartments, sufficient space for the changing accessories: creams, wet wipes, diapers and much more will find place in the bag.
The Clutch has a big inside pocket and various small and practical net bags. Thus, diapers and co. have their set place and you have the necessary objects quick at hand.

Hygienic nappy changing thanks to practical changing pad with padded headboard

When you're out and about for a longer time, you will eventually have to change your babies diaper. You can use public changing stations, but do you really want to lay your baby on these? Our Clutch is equipped with a changing pad, so you can hygienically change your baby's diaper. It can be removed easily and thus can be used independently. Thanks to dirt- and water repellent material, the pad is easy to clean after every use.

Easy and flexible fastening thanks to Clip&Go snap hooks

The Clutch diaper bag has 1 clip with snap hook. This clip can quickly and easily be fastened to the stroller, using velcro fastener. Thus, you can easily attach and remove the bag from the stroller anytime, thanks to the snap hooks. After removing the bag you can simply leave the clip on the stroller. The next time you use it, you can simply clip the bag to the stroller and you're ready to go.

  • Small practical changing bag with a lot of space for storing items for changing
  • Large inner pocket with zip fastener
  • Padded changing base, easy to remove and use separately
  • Easy to clean thanks to its water and dirt-repellent material
  • Clip&Go: easy fastening and flexible removal with snap hooks
  • Dimensions: closed: approx. 30 x 21 cm; open: approx. 30 x 104 cm
  • Contents: 1x changing bag, 1x clip
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